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Joe Hurley - The House That Horse Built(Let the Great World Spin) - Let the Great World Spin(I Am of This Earth)

Critically acclaimed Irish-Blooded singer/songwriter JOE HURLEY collaborated with the best-selling novelist COLUM McCANN to create a glorious 3-part 12 min epic, "THE HOUSE THAT HORSE BUILT"(Let The Great World Spin). The piece was inspired by a chapter in McCann's novel, 'Let The Great World Spin' (2009 National Book Award winner).

" A phenomena...lyrically compelling, wondrously sung and superbly produced by Don Fleming"-NICK WEST, UK Americana Music Editor

With Hurley on vocals and guitar, the songs feature an extraordinary cast of musicians including Tony Shanahan-Bass, James Mastro-Guitar, Kenny Margolis-Piano, Matt Sweeney-Acoustic Guitar, Antonique Smith- vocals, Faith Hahn-vocals , Joe McGinty-Organ, Denis Diken-Drums, Soul Great Tami Lynn -vocals (Stones, Dr John, Dylan), and on the Uilleean pipes, Paddy Moloney of Ireland's legendary The Chieftains.

Produced by DON FLEMING and recorded by Matt Azzarto at Think Tank. Mastered by Warren Russell-Smith at Magic Shop, NY. Released 12/09.


The Dripping Tap - Don Fleming, Bob Bert, Matt Azzarto, Chris Grier - performing live at Sessions at Santa's, Santos Party House NYC, on Apr 21 2009. Video by Joly MacFie.


Rock in Peace

ron asheton

Ron Asheton

(July 17, 1948 – c. January 6, 2009)


gumball and ron asheton 1993



Jenni Muldaur - Dearest Darlin'

Jenni Muldaur. Dearest Darlin'.
Produced by Don Fleming and Steve Rosenthal. Released 6-09. Dandelion Records.




Don Fleming and R. Stevie Moore "My Little Lamb" Here's a tune from 2008 that I wrote and recorded with R. Stevie Moore. Photo/Video: Don Fleming



Renminbi. Surface EP. Produced by Don Fleming. Released 6-09.

Renminbi - Surface - Then We Came to the End



Don Fleming plays guitar, bass, synth, vibraphone and melodica on Lee "Scratch" Perry's Repentance


Photo by Thurston Moore

Foot performs at Windsor Terrace Library Toy Sale and Concert

Saturday, Nov 22, 2008 2 PM

Don Fleming (guitar and synth), Jimbo (synth and electronics)
and Thurston Moore (guitar and effects).

yellow line


Don Fleming, Raymond McGinley DF played guitar and sang with Teenage Fanclub at the Forum in London on July 24, 2006. The band performed the Bandwagonesque album, in it's entirety, for the Don't Look Back series.

yellow line



Paul Grimstad Paul is a mad pop scientist, a musical wizard. We worked together on some tunes from his amazing- The Other's Buzz- which compiled the cream of a one year crop of Paul's songwriting. It came out as a numbered, limited edition on Genuine Particle, good luck finding a copy. One song that we did that isn't on the record is "A Dream in Full" with Murph on drums. Paul is currently working on the follow-up to Buzz which is to be called Blammo! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

AUDIO: MP3's of "Waring and Vine" (from Blammo!)  and "A Dream in Full" (unreleased).

bulletPete Yorn
Pete Yorn, model american d.i.y. musician. 

musicforthemorningafter released  March 2001 on Columbia Records. Featuring the Instant Mayhem produced track, "Simonize".  

We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones features "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by Pete Yorn, produced by Don Fleming.

Here's a clue for you all, a special bonus track featuring Pete, Matt Azzarto on bass and Don Fleming on lead gtr and drums.  A little something we call "Hard Rain".

And another early classic from the session "Farmer -vs- River".



Malcolm Riviera


Malco aka Gary Indiana circa 1981




From the front lines of Native America comes BLACKFIRE's first full length album of fire-ball punk, "One Nation Under", produced by Don Fleming. This Diné (Navajo) power trio of 2 brothers and their sister, combine their traditional roots with a youthful raw energy to create a real Alter-Native sound. "One Nation Under" features Joey Ramone, Jones Benally, and 15 passionately burning songs of struggles, resistance, and hope. BLACKFIRE is completely independent, only plays all ages shows, and continues to tour nationally and internationally. Go to www.blackfire.net to check out some of the tunes.

Blackfire Wins "Best Pop/Rock" Album Award at 
Native American Music Award

thanks joey  photo by don fleming 1978, ebbits field, denver colorado.


Rocket Rocket is Matt Azzarto, A.J. Azzarto  and Murph. Matt was the singer/songwriter for Hoboken pop mainstays The Fundamentals and The Gefkens, A.J. was in the sleepy L.A. band called Sleepington (and daughter of Nancy Sinatra) and Murph is the original Dinosaur Jr  drummer. If you like your pure pop with a power booster then Rocket will take you there!

AUDIO: MP3's of "Burn Out"  >>>>>>>

bulletBebe Buell Rock chick extraordinaire. We tracked four songs at the Magic Shop. The tunes are  "Normal "Little by Little", Baby" and "Get Some".

 AUDIOMP3's Normal Girl Baby Baby Little by Little Get Some  

bulletDjango Haskins ................................................
DJANGO & THE REGULARS | Laying Low and Inbetween (Alyosha)
Laying Low is a nostalgic experience, a collection of songs that recall golden autumns and endless senior-year Friday nights. Appropriating equal parts country and jangle-pop, Django treads lightly between both, forging a new sort of shimmering Americana of songs that glimmer and glide. Each reads like a diary entry, of a memory of past heartache ("Sooner") and disappointment ("Laying Low"). Like an Andy Partridge from Tennessee, Django lets his voice soar high into Wilson territory ("12 Gauge Microphone") as slide guitars weep on the ground beneath. Even the sad, smoky "Time and Again," which billows up over gently strummed guitar, speaks more of opportunity than oppression, with Django swearing "I will put down roots and I will mend time and again." - J. Edward Keyes CMJ New Music Report

AUDIO: MP3 of "Disappointment Book"
Link @ www.djangohaskins.com >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

bulletMO-HO-BISH-O-PI> "It's their disdain for niceties, their stupid matching sun visors and their ability to snatch victory from the jaws of complacency that make them the most unpredictable (and best) new band." NME  

"One of the singles of the year. A vibrant slice of pop punk energy. Produced by Don Fleming. Really Great." Rough Trade

We did six tracks at Twin Peaks studio, a medieval mountaintop getaway in Wales. The "Hear The Air" 3-song single came out 5/00 in the UK on V2. Topped BBC1's Alternative Buzz Chart the first week out. Then the boys came to NYC and we recorded the album at Watermusic. The full length CD came out on V2 on September 10th, 2001.


bullet Wylde Ratttz First conceived to supply Stoogesque tracks for the Velvet Goldmine flick, this supergroup of yesterday and today has completed an unreleased killer album for new centurions. Built around rock god supreme, Ron Asheton, this line-up leaves no stone unturned.

AUDIO: "Hollow" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Blind Zero We did this record just outside of Lisbon at the label's private studio. The first single "Daily Matters" received very heavy airplay on Portugal's main rock stations. The album, One Silent Accident, was released to great reviews.

Link @ www.blindzero.net  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Gwendolyn Gwendolyn lives in the mountains of Sierra Madre, CA. She sings, plays acoustic guitar and writes all her songs. She has been playing in LA and NY. We recorded two songs, "Trains" and "Take a Rock" at Sear Sound and Mutiny Zoo. Gwendolyn  has a beautiful and unique style and writes very cool songs. The two songs we did are featured on her new Ultrasounds CD, which is available through her site.

AUDIO: MP3 of "Trains".

LINK www.gwendolyn.net>>>>>>>>>>

bullet The Walter Sears Don Fleming, Tom Smith, Thurston Moore, Steve Shelly, Sean Lennon and Rat Bastard got together for this love-fest in tribute to our mentor, the incomparable Walter Sear. The tune is featured in the film "Committed". Check out the scene where Heather Graham hears us blasting on a stereo and yells "Turn that OFF!".

: MP3 of "Fringe Benefits" edit  


The Dictators That's right, the original NYC punk rock band. I recorded and mixed the tunes "What's Up With That",  and "I Am Right." "What's Up With That" is in the soundtrack for the film Boys Don't Cry.  "I Am Right" is from the D.F.F.D. album release. Two other songs that we recorded are still brewing: "Laughin' Out Loud" & "Find Something Beautiful."


LINKS www.thedictators.com  


Rockin'hamFour heavy tracks down and mixed from rock n' rolls only NASCAR theme band. The tunes are "King Richard," "The Track Song," "Into the Wall" and "Ballad of a Stock Car Man." Six more tracks coming along. These guys ROCK.
AUDIO: MP3 of "The Track Song"...........................


Harper SimonWe recorded several tracks, including this one "Tuba City Emergency Room" with Murph (Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads) on drums and Dougie Bowne (Cibo Matto, Iggy Pop) doing keyboard and drum programming. Harper wrote the tunes and sings and plays guitar and bass. 

MP3 of "Tuba City Emergency Room"

bulletDEE/DONDee/Don is Dee Pop, drum dervish (from the Bush Tetras, Four Blind Mice) and myself. We explore the heavy side of the sonic frontier on this ferocious tune.
AUDIO: MP3 of "Gone Shoppin'" >>>>>>>>>


The Big ChopperImagine Frankenstein on a Harley and you'll get a good idea of what The Big Chopper is all about. When this dude comes roarin' down the highway dead dogs jump out of the way. Now the crown prince of the ghouls comes down hard with this scary Halloween romp. This all started as one simple holiday single. The Big Chopper laid down "Surfin' Halloween" for the fledgling Holiday Label. Soon after, the band HE turned in the classic Christmas hit "Go Rudolph Go" b/w "Jessica". During the record release party for the HE single, a few choice comments from the Big Chopper sent the always agitated Rummager from HE into a rage that quickly escalated into a full on fist fight between members of both bands. Over the next 2 years the contest was on, with each band trying to top the latest single from the other camp. The Big Chopper -vs- HE is the result of this battle royal.

Under the supervision of Instant Mayhem Productions and EROC Rock Creations, the Holiday Label has molded the raw energy of these bands into a unified sound and purpose, not unlike the "Motown Sound" or perhaps Buddha Records' "Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus" which brought us the groovy sounds of bubble gum music. And unlike the one shot mentality common to today's music biz, these records are perennials, ready to blossom each and every year, growing better with age like a fine wine.

AUDIO: The Big Chopper: Surfin' Halloween  


Dan VertessyDan is a great singer/songwriter from Australia. He was in a band called Rail that I produced. Here's one of the tunes we recorded.

AUDIO: MP3 of "Sour Milk"


Bush Tetras We did a record for Mercury Records, everyone was fired at the label the week we finished it, record is still on the shelf. It is SO powerful, killer tracks, classic NYC band.

AUDIO: MP3 of "Motorhead" 


Badge I put out A.J. Lambert's previous band, Sleepington, on my Instant Mayhem Label. We've recorded two tunes' "Summer Fling" and the Nilsson tune "Me and My Arrow" for a project that we called Badge. The line-up includes A.J. on vocals, keyboards and guitar; me on vocals, bass and guitar; Fran Azzarto on drum, Bil Emmons doing programming and Matt Azzarto on guitar. 

AUDIO: MP3's of "Summer Fling" & "Me and My Arrow"